April 24, 2018

- Hydro Logo Shirt Black or White

- Hydro We Make It Rain Shirt Black or White 

- Hydro Cap

- Hydro zip up hoodie

- Hydro Hoodie

- Hydro MillennX tank top

- Hydro Triangle Tank Too

April 13, 2018

After a 5 month preparation for the year 2018 and a sudden change of plans for Hydro Laboracay 2018... We're back! 

Starting off with our first event of 2018, the much awaited watergun festival in partnership with SM by the Bay! 


May 19, 2018

3PM onwards


November 6, 2017

Hydro Generation or H2 which comes from the chemical formula of Hydrogen... Yes, Hydrogen is unstable if it's alone and that's what we here in Hydro Manila promotes... MUSIC WATER and most importantly life.

H2 will be the BLOG and MEDIA of Hydro so expect exciting stuff coming soon!

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